Villas - Villa,
2005, 13 triptyque, différentes tailles.

Ce travail est une tentative de relation avec des artistes argentins. J’ai demandé à divers artistes argentins vivant à Buenos Aires de réaliser des dessins, ou aquarelles de "villa", quartier pauvre en Argentine. D’autre part, j’ai exécuté des clichés de maisons cossues dans des quartiers privilégiés de Buenos Aires et des résidences secondaires de Punta del'Este en Uruguay. Pour chaque dessin une photographie de Buenos Aires et une de Punta del'Este sont tirée en un exemplaire au format du dessin exécuté. Les trois œuvres sont indissociables.

Liste des artistes argentins: Juan Allaria, Viviana Bianco, Leo Chiachio, Diego Cirulli, Klara Domini, Diana Dowek, Victor Florido, Vicente Grondona, Magdalena Jitrik, Omar Panosetti, Diego Posadas, Pablo Rosales, Clara Sajnovetzky

This project is an attempt at a relationship, through the notion of environment and artistic creation, with artists from Argentina. This relationship is based on the concept of fair business.Just like the economic exchanges between Europe and South America, I introduced a notion of command and exchange with Argentinean artists. I asked them to realize drawings, or watercolours of the "villa", the poor areas in Argentina. At the same time, I took photos of expensive houses in privileged districts of Buenos Aires and of secondary homes in Punta del' Este in Uruguay. Then, for every drawing, a photograph of Buenos Aires and one of Punta del' Este are developed and printed to the size of the executed drawing. These three pieces become inseparable.

Being a foreigner, it was difficult to take a personal position. On the other hand, by inviting local artists to participate in this project, I incorporated an important human dimension. And so, the drawing, contrary to the photography, can show distance and romanticism due to its more subjective nature. In contrast, the photography shows the architecture and the context of the lavish houses with a certain objectivity, as would a magazine or a real estate agency.